Magnelis ®
Magnelis® is a metal coating that ensures optimum protection of surfaces against long-term damages.
This coating offers a range of unmatched benefits:
- better resistance to corrosion, up to 10 times higher than any other galvanized steel;
- better protection of surfaces exposed to particularly aggressive environments;
- the best alternative, in terms of costs-benefits, to the post-galvanizing process.
Magnelis® is made using a base of hot galvanized steel, dipped into a bath that contains a special metallic composition of zinc with 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.
This 3% magnesium is crucial, because it creates a stable and resistant layer over the entire metal surface, contributing to a more effective defence against corrosion than a coating with a lower content of magnesium.
Magnelis® is an innovative product that provides better performance than any other galvanized steel.

Main benefits
An alternative to post-galvanising and other metals Magnelis® offers a real advantage over post-galvanised products and even over high value products such as stainless and aluminium.
Depending on the environment to which it is exposed, Magnelis® delivers a significant coating weight reduction of 2 to 4 times less than post-galvanised products, while still performing significantly better in terms of corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness.

Salt spray test 2000 hours
MAGNELIS 20 µm Post-galvanised 85 µm
MAGNELIS® ZM250/20 µm coating Post-galvanised 85 µm coating

Superior corrosion resistance
Nothing offers better protection than Magnelis® in chloride or ammonia environments. Due to its unique chemical composition, Magnelis® provides superior corrosion resistance than standard hot dip galvanised steel.
The destruction of coating that occurs in an ammonia environment is seven times less with Magnelis® than with a standard zinc coating. In addition, Magnelis® guarantees a longer-lasting, active coating protection over time. Over an eight-month period, a range of metallic coated products were submitted to salt spray tests. The results clearly highlighted the superior corrosion resistance performance of Magnelis® over other metallic coatings. No red rust was observed on the Magnelis® sample.

N° of hours before appearance of 5% red rust

In highly alkaline environments (pH between 10 and 13),Magnelis® demonstrates superior corrosion resistance compared to other metallic coatings.Due to its chemical composition, the product has better quality characteristics in terms of barrier protection against corrosion in an ammonia environment.

Salt spray test
20 µm coating per side
After 34 weeks
After 34 weeks
After 28 weeks
Zincato a caldo
After 6 weeks

Weight loss in harshest environments

Self-repairing protection on cut edges
In addition to being fortified by a cathodic protection equivalent to zinc coating,Magnelis® protects exposed cut edges with a thin zinc-based protective film with magnesium, which prevents corrosive reactions.
The nature of this film varies depending on the environment and the properties according to the aluminium and magnesium content.

Outdoor exposure over different time periods of MAGNELIS® ZM250
with 2 mm thickness in Brest (France)
6 months
30-40% red rust
60% white rust

16 months
10% red rust
70% white rust

Marine category C5-M (the most severe)
Institut Français de la Corrosion

Environmentally responsible
The application of Magnelis® ensures the preservation of natural resources since it uses less zinc than pure zinc coatings. Moreover, like Aluzinc®, Magnelis® reduces considerably the zinc runoff* in soils.

Zinc runoff rate

* Runoff rate: the rate of dissolution of a material from its surface into the external environment (in g/m2/year). In our case: the quantity of zinc washed from the surface by falling rain water.