For all types of materials and coatings (hot galvanized steel,sendzimir galvanized steel and painted steel), all products must be stored in closed, ventilated rooms; they must not be covered with tarpaulins because they favour the formation of condensation.
If straight products are exposed, even for a short period of time, to atmospheric elements (rain, snow, etc.), Zamet S.p.A. recommends bringing the packages under cover and placing them in a slanted position to prevent the accumulation of liquids.
With regard to products subject to hot-dip galvanization treatments (UNI EN ISO 1461), a white film may form, caused by the normal reaction between oxygen and the surface layer of zinc.
This phenomenon is normal and does not compromise resistance to corrosion.
With a view to supplying a product of excellence, Zamet S.p.A. subjects its products, even when not expressly required, to a passivation treatment in order to delay the formation of oxidation.
Under UNI EN ISO 1461 and all the main international standards,this oxidation phenomenon cannot be considered as grounds for contention or for rejection.
Warnings regarding shipping and installation
Zamet S.p.A. declines all responsibility in the case of shipping and installation which is non-compliant with the instructions and warnings given above.