In 2001, ZAMET S.p.A. achieved an important aim: double certification under the international ISO 9001 standards, certifying the company’s quality and total reliability before, during and after the manufacturing of the product.
The company has long been known on all European and world markets for its high quality design and construction of trunking, cable trays and cable ladders.
However, it is widely known to all of the operators in the industry that the unification of the European markets and growing international competition have forced all companies to significantly modify their industrial processes in terms of quality. Essentially, this entails conforming to the operational standards contained in the ISO 9000 standards.
Three certification models are contemplated in the general plan of the ISO 9000 standards: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003.
The most complete is the ISO 9001 standard.In fact, this standard guarantees the product quality at every level of the production process, but perhaps more importantly, it also includes customer service.
In our case, the concept of service is embodied in a close relationship with the client, and starts even before the order arrives, with the exchange of basic technical information which, in the course of the work relationship, is translated into a constant feedback of operating results and consultation.